Like many Oregonians Steven (though his friends call him Cody and he invites you to do the same) grew up in Hawaii. He moved to Portland when he was 18; in 1997 he enlisted in the infantry and served with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell Kentucky. After earning an appointment to West Point and graduating with a degree in Information Systems he served as an officer before an injury cut his military career short.
The leadership skills that Cody developed as an officer translated well to starting and running a business. As an entrepreneur he has experienced the demands of running a business, the struggle in keeping it afloat, and the heartbreak of its failure.
Cody has spent his life in service to others. As a soldier, a Big Brother, a volunteer teacher, and as a candidate he has demonstrated a commitment to helping others, often at a great personal cost. He has willingly put others before himself in an effort to affect meaningful change in the world.
Cody would be honored to serve as your Representative in the United States Congress!


Our Borders

Our immigration policy is broken. We as a nation must first secure our borders, and then create a real path to citizenship for those undocumented immigrants already within them.


Universal Healthcare

I strongly believe that the Affordable Care Act is a terrible piece of legislation. We should immediately replace it with the expansion of Medicare allowing people and businesses to participate on an opt-in basis.


Hidden Costs of War

Those soldiers that perish on the battlefield are only the most visible casualties of war. From homelessness to suicide, many veterans are struggling to reintegrate. With the military drawing down its forces our Veterans Services are becoming overwhelmed. We as a nation need to take immediate and decisive action to provide the support that our veterans so desperately need.



America is not the police force to the world. We need to stop interfering with the internal squabbles of sovereign nations.


Tax Reform

Before we talk about raising taxes we need to look hard at the existing tax laws and simplify them. We need to eliminate the loopholes that only the very wealthiest among us have access to in order to ensure the fairest possible system of taxation.


21st Century Energy

We need to prioritize investment in clean and renewable energy production while pursuing promising research. Carbon based fuels are not going anywhere anytime soon, but that does not mean we need to further subsidize their extraction and consumption.



It is the proper role of government to provide world class energy, transportation, information, and utility infrastructure so that our businesses can thrive.


Enumerated Rights

The Bill of Rights is slowly being eroded. We need to take a clear stand in defense of our enumerated rights, reclaim them, and roll back any legislation that has infringed upon them.


Common Core

The Federal Government is failing in its implementation of Common Core Standards. As a minimum standard for what our children should know Common Core does a great job; with regards to implementation and policy it is a colossal failure.


Police Accountabi...

We need to stop the militarization of our community police forces. Our peace officers need to prioritize protection and service on our streets, and break the cycle of mistrust that currently exists.



We must do more to protect our forests from exploitation and mismanagement. Public lands are not a corporate playground intended to create profits, but a legacy of majesty for future generations.



The US Government must stop its spying on American citizens. We have a right to live free from intrusive surveillance which clearly violates our rights as enumerated in the Constitution.


Money in Politics

I believe that corporations, unions, lobbyists, and wealthy individuals have an undue influence on our Republic.